Roadway Express Moves Baseball History Around the Country

In cooperation with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, located in Kansas City, the mobile museum, Times of Greatness, is installed in a 53-foot trailer being moved around the country by Roadway Express.

Displays include historic photos, uniforms and other memorabilia from the original 24 Negro Leagues Baseball teams. They record the time when African-American baseball players were not allowed to play in the major leagues.

Bob Stull, Roadway Express president, explains the company’s reason for sponsoring the touring exhibit. “The Negro Leagues story is one of unexpected innovation, inspirational tenacity and a legendary lineage. It is a unique and powerful narrative that deserves to be shared. Most of these great players did not receive the recognition they deserved in their lifetimes and we owe it to them to keep them alive in our memories and to educate our children about their exploits and accomplishments. We are proud to be able to honor them by helping to bring the story of their lives to communities around America this baseball season.”

If the mobile museum doesn’t visit a nearby location, a virtual tour, as well as a wealth of other information, is available at the special web site just for the exhibit: Check the touring schedule there, as well.
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