Ryder Launches 'Green' Truck Units

Ryder has partnered with Freightliner to offer two sleeper tractors (the Columbia and the Century) equipped with special features that have earned them the US Environmental Protection Agency's eco-friendly SmartWay designation.

The Freightliner sleeper tractors include 2007 engine technology, an auxiliary power unit to reduce idling, frame-side fairings to reduce wind resistance, an automated direct-drive transmission, and fuel-efficient drive tires.

Specially configured trailer packages from Great Dane and Utility offer aerodynamic features and weight-saving options to enhance fuel efficiency.

Trailer designs include weight-saving materials, side skirts, low rolling resistance tires, gap reducers, and automatic tire inflation systems.

Ryder is also providing on-line deiver training programs to customers through Ryder Pro-TREAD courses to improve driving skills and performance and to teach drivers simple techniques to reduce fuel consumption.

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