Saia Keeps on Growing

State coverage added to Saia’s market with the purchase includes Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. The Connection has 20 terminals and 700 employees through the area. Integration into Saia is expected by early 2007. Cities in the region are Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Louisville and Toledo.

The expansion will mean that Saia will now serve 34 states with 149 terminals. “This acquisition advances Saia toward our strategic goal of achieving complete coverage across North America, says Rick O’Dell, president of Saia. “By extending our quality service into attractive, adjacent geography, there are also distinct advantages for our customers.”

In mid-October, Saia had added a second terminal in the Chicago metropolitan area. The 67-door facility provides next day service to Midwest markets that include Chicago and Minneapolis, as well as Iowa, Missouri and parts of Nebraska, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

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