Schenker Launches a New Courier Division in Canada

The new Courier Division will be launched in the fourth quarter of the year. The aim for Schenker is to provide a complete door-to-door transportation and logistics services offering. As it explains it now provides solutions for everything from skid to package shipping. The company now offers trans-border, domestic and international service for both courier integrated and heavyweight shipments. Schenker claims to be the 2nd largest provider of logistics services in Canada with annual sales of more than $1 billion.

Although Schenker acquired BAX Global last year, it hadn’t completely integrated the purchase until this year. It wasn’t until August 1 of this year, for example, that the services of the two entities were completely merged in Australia and New Zealand. The joint organization boasts 55,000 employees at 1,500 locations in 150 countries.

Kathy Kropf who has been managing director of Canadian World Wide Sales for FedEx Canada will head Schenker’s new Courier Division. Schenker is part of DB Logistics, the Transportation and Logistics Division of Deutsche Bahn AG.

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