Schneider Logistics Finalizes Integration

As of April 1st, American Port Services, Powers Transportation, American Overseas Logistics and BaoYun Logistics are fully integrated entities, allowing Schneider Logistics to offer an integrated solution to customers’ international logistics needs, says the company.
“Schneider has been providing logistics services to customers in North America and abroad for more than 10 years,” said Tom Escott, president of Schneider Logistics. “Our strategic acquisitions within the last three years have significantly built out our international service offerings. Now, as one company, we present a single-source solution for our customers’ international supply chains—from a shipment’s critical first mile to its final destination.”
“We have quietly become one of the largest providers of port dray and transloading services in the United States, a growing freight forwarder, and a leading transportation and distribution company in China,” explained Escott.

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