Schneider National Reduces Empty Miles

Schneider National has implemented solutions from Manhattan Carrier to optimize load and driver utilization.

The information systems provider Manhattan Associates provided its Drop&Swap solution for Schneider's van/truckload and bulk business units to help it identify service, home-time and utilization issues within its fleet and determine the optimal "swap" to honor its commitment to driver time-at-home while also enhancing customers’ service and delivery experience.

"The Manhattan Carrier Drop&Swap solution presents a better, faster way to monitor loads, mitigate disruptions in service, meet last-minute customer requests and reduce both costly relays and empty miles across our network," said Dan Van Alstine, senior vice president and general manager, truckload, Schneider National. "More importantly, Drop&Swap is enabling us to get our drivers home when requested without impacting service."

Manhattan Carrier is a suite of supply chain solutions specifically addressing the needs of the motor carrier industry. It includes the Driver&Load, Fuel&Route, Profit Analyzer, Bid Response and Load Analyzer solutions, designed to enable North American truckload (TL) motor carriers and private fleet operations to improve network balance and increase resource utilization.

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