Senate Expected to Pass Port Security Bill

Examining 100% of all containers is impossible, admits Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), but the House-passed H.R. 4954 would provide for examination and inspection of all containers entering the U.S. through its 22 busiest ports for radiation. The Port Security Improvement Act of 2006 would also establish a one-year port user fee study for funding legitimate improvements and maintenance of port security. The results of that study would be submitted back to Congress, according to the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL).

NITL’s preliminary examination of the bill indicated it would also develop minimum standards, criteria and procedures for using non-intrusive inspection of containers at foreign ports participating in the Container Security Initiative (CSI).

The bill would also maintain the three tiers of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) where the third, or highest, tier, provides “Green Lane” benefits.

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