SmartWay Shipper Celebrates Five Years

Pressure Systems International marked its fifth year as a SmartWay Transport Partnership shipper. Its Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) is also recognized by SmartWay as a fuel-saving technology. SmartWay is a brand maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to promote and identify environmentally cleaner, more fuel efficient transportation options.

Automatic tire inflation systems such as MTIS can reduce fuel consumption by over 100 gallons a year for a typical combination truck, resulting in lower annual fuel costs and the elimination of over one metric ton of greenhouse gas emissions, says PSI. SmartWay has a cost calculator that can be used by vehicle operators to compare costs with various SmartWay endorsed technologies using different values for fuel use, fuel costs and other critical factors. Low-interest loans are available to fleets and owner operators that use SmartWay approved products.

PSI notes that its MTIS automatic tire inflation system qualifies for the SmartWay program and incentives. It offers its own fleet ROI (return on investment) calculator at

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