SMC offers small package rating tools

Rating engine and batch processing tool address needs of LTL and small package shippers.

SMC³’s RateWare product is a planning tool for less-than-truckload (LTL) and small package shipments. The RateWare rating engine accepts the rates of major LTL carriers, large shippers who have their own tariffs and many of the industry’s base rate tariffs, including SMC³’s CzarLite, CanadaLite and intra-Canadian rates. Standard FedEx and UPS package rates are also available at a variety of service levels (express, ground, cwt., etc.) and from all points to all points within the contiguous U.S.

The number of tariffs available through RateWare is over 4,000 and growing. These tariffs include current effective data and historical data for held rate levels, corporate bidding, auditing and analysis. With this information, shippers can manage LTL/small package shipment costing and pricing, including carrier-specific discounts and accessorial charges, in a streamlined process.

Shippers can also analyze bids, set benchmarks and conduct pricing studies for LTL/small package with SMC³’s BatchMark application. This batch processing tool has a spreadsheet-style interface that enables thousands of bills to be rated or re-rated simultaneously. BatchMark gives the user the ability to apply LTL custom discounts as well as multiple LTL and small package data modules in the same study. FAKs and minimum discounts can be applied on a study-by-study basis, and the application also includes reporting capabilities for state-to-state, ZIP-ZIP or regional analysis.

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