Southeast Draws From Northeast and Midwest

On the flip side of the study, states with more net moves out of the state include Nebraska, North Dakota, Connecticut, Michigan, and New York, each with more than 60% of the moves directed out of the states.

The 2007 Customer Relocation Study tracks where Mayflower customers moved to and from and why.

According to the study, 55.3% of customers who moved in 2007 had relocated at least one other time in the last five years. That figure was up slightly from 2006. Of that group, 44.7% said they had moved once, 28.8% had moved twice, and 16% had moved three times.

Nearly half of the moves were job related. Company transfers were 12.3% and new jobs 35.7%. Nearly a third of the relocations (30.4%) were for retirement.

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