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Summer Reading: A Book by an Exel President

Beside his Exel activities, Gardner is an adjunct faculty member of the University of Miami and at Florida International University’s Graduate Business School he is Professor of Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

The book’s title is, Supply Chain Vector: Methods for Linking Execution of Global Business Models with Financial Performance. As noted in promotional material, the 16-chapter, $54.95 book “focuses on the relationships between lead time, landed costs, inventory levels and the results found in the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement as key elements for long-term success.”

Part of Gardner’s launch of the book is half-day seminars he will be conducting into October. Sites include Dallas on June 24, San Francisco in September and Miami in October, and more. Seminar topics will include lean manufacturing, outsourcing, globalization and cash-to-cash cycles, among others.

For details on seminar attendance, contact Autumn Redmon at [email protected].For information on purchasing the book, visit the J. Ross Publishing web site,

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