Technology Helps Private Fleets Control Costs

A survey of fleet managers attending PHH FirstFleet’s management conference indicates 79% of respondents were installing telecommunications technology in 75% to 100% of their fleet to track equipment status, driver activities, and delivery times. Delivery times were the main concern of 42% of those responding and 39% said they wanted to optimize routes and fuel management.

Drivers will perform better and drive more responsibly if they know they are being monitored, said 38% of respondents. Security was a major motivation of only 20% of respondents.

Results are there, according to the survey – 83% say telematics helped improve performance.

Among other concerns fleet managers voiced in the survey, 65% reported putting in place some form of environmentally conscious initiative. “Green” policies were on the rise, according to the managers.

Perception remains a problem for fleet managers. PHH FirstFleet quoted one manager who said top-level management was not aware of the competitive advantage fleets provide.

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