Terminal Agreement Cinches K-Line Calls at Tacoma

Port Commission approval of a re-stated lease will allow terminal operator International Transportation Service Inc. to expand a larger facility to serve Japan’s K-Line and other shipping companies. The 20-year lease has two five-year customer options.

“ITS has been with the port of Tacoma for more than 20 years,” said Clare Petrich, Port of Tacoma Commission president. “Their decision [at that time] to take a chance on what was then a small port with great ambition has allowed us to grow and develop into one of North America’s leading container ports.”

In its current configuration on the Blair Waterway, Terminal 3-4 includes approximately 74 acres and is served by the adjacent on-dock North Intermodal Yard. Under terms of the lease, the terminal will be enlarged by 19 acres, bringing total terminal size to approximately 93 acres. With the expansion, the facility can provide preferential berthing sufficient for two Post-Panamax vessels.

ITS also operates container terminals in Long Beach and Oakland.

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