TIA Announces Updated Temperature Controlled Course

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) announced it will offer a newly updated and revised Internet based temperature control transportation course. Dr. Drea, Professor of Marketing at Western Illinois University, has completely revised and updated the course to make it as timely as possible, said TIA.

According to Dr. Drea, the Refrigerated Transport Course is specifically geared to individuals who need to understand the critical issues and concepts involved in moving perishable loads. The course covers important topics such as industry characteristics, heat, trailer conditions, the impact of packaging and loading on perishable products, and inspections. “If your company moves perishable products, you need this course,” said Drea.

During the 6- to 8-week course, the participant will study the intricacies of refrigerated transport such as:

  • Circulation
  • Pre-cooling the load
  • Packaging
  • Proper loading
  • USDA Inspection Service


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