Two-Day Strike Had Little Effect on LA Port

The 7,400-member Engineers and Architects Association staged a two-day walk-out in Los Angeles August 22nd and 23rd in order “to get noticed.” The union was seeking wage increases beyond those offered other Los Angeles city workers.

When picketers spread out to the docks of the Port of Los Angeles, longshoremen ceased work reportedly because they believed they were crossing picket lines. An arbitrator was called in and explained to the longshoremen that they were not part of the strike, and they returned to work after a four-hour shutdown at container terminals. Port officials said no ships were affected by the work stoppage.

Reportedly, 1,600 of the 7,400 members of the Engineers and Architects Association stayed off work on Tuesday and, aside from the temporary stoppage by longshoremen, they could not convince other city workers to join them. The union workers, whose contract expired in 2004, were offered the same 6.25% wage increase over three years that was part of a contract with Los Angeles city workers, but they reportedly sought 3.25% to 6% per year. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa refused to revisit the city contract which covers 17,000 city workers (not counting the engineers and architects).

Union officials said further action may be possible.

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