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UPS Cancels Airbus Freighter Order

Though earlier reports of a UPS order for Boeing freighters stressed the fact the company was still working with Airbus to reschedule an order for 10 A380 freighters, that prospect ended with UPS formally canceling the order. UPS had expected to receive its first freighter in 2009, but when Airbus encountered problems with production that affected a number of existing orders and options for the largest commercial aircraft, orders began to shift to Boeing.
UPS said it had planned to conduct an internal study to determine whether it could afford to wait until 2012 for delivery of the Airbus freighters, but the news that Airbus had shifted workers from the freighter program to work on passenger aircraft cinched the decision for UPS and it moved to cancel the order at the first date specified under its agreement with Airbus.
"We no longer are confident that Airbus can adhere to that schedule," said UPS.

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