UPS is Expanding Its Air Network

As UPS explains, the six new facilities are intended to form the backbone of an expansive air network for movement of heavy freight for customers of UPS Supply Chain Solutions. Locations for the regional hubs are Ontario, Calif., Rockford, Ill., Dallas, Tx, Philadelphia, Pa. and Columbia, SC.

At present, those locations already serve UPS as regional hubs for the company’s separate, small package network. Budgeted for construction at $24 million, each of the new hubs will handle only freight, providing overnight, second-day and deferred air freight services.

Bob Stoffel, president of UPS Supply Chain Solutions, notes says that, “We will offer customers direct service to more U.S. cities with more next-morning points than ever before. Heavy freight shipments will be delivered earlier to more than 100 additional cities, tripling the delivery schedule offered in the past.”

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