UPS to start accepting returns at its drop boxes

UPS has begun accepting UPS Ground Authorized Return Service packages and other ground return services at its 40,000 drop box locations. This new option aims to expand the level of convenience retailers can offer their customers, as well as provide greater flexibility to other businesses such as those seeking to recover small-sized returns from mobile workers, such as field service technicians.

Post-sales customer service is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s intense battle for home-based shoppers. In fact, in a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 92% of online shoppers say they are "somewhat" or "very likely" to shop again with a retailer whose returns process suits them. Conversely, 85% say that if the returns process is inconvenient, they are "not very" or "not at all likely" to shop again with a direct retailer.

With this latest UPS service, acceptable drop box ground packages must be labeled as a UPS returns package. These include Authorized Return Service, UPS Electronic Return Labels, UPS Returns on the Web, UPS Print Return Label and UPS Print and Mail Return Label. Package dimensions cannot exceed 16x13x2 inches. The online UPS Drop-Off Locator, which provides a complete list of box locations along with detailed maps and directions, can be found at

UPS also offers disposition, repair and recycling services through its UPS Supply Chain Solutions unit. Some of these returns programs utilize the 3,800 locations of The UPS Store as access channels for these customers. This approach was adopted by Toshiba for laptop repairs, effectively reducing the typical turnaround time within the industry from weeks to as little as three days.

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