Warmer Winter; Lower Fuel Use

Bastardi’s forecast calls for colder temperatures at the beginning and end of the winter season, with warmer temperatures between. “We may see some of our wildest winter weather over the next month and then again in March or April,” said Bastardi.

Energy interests should be aware that this winter will be one where less than normal heating will be used, he added.

Winter will be warmer in the Plains and the East Coast where most people live, he observed.

January will be the warmest month with respect to normal from the Ohio Valley to the Northeast. Homeowners will be using 10% to 20% less fuel for heating over the 30-day period and up to 10% to 15% less for the five coldest months from November through March.

The closest analog for this winter could be the winter of 1949-1950, Bastardi suggests, indicating cold and snoy weather in the Pacific Northwest but warm from Texas to New England.

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