Watchdog Web Site Targets 3PL Abuses

Transportation Intermediary Association (TIA) members will be able to report on motor carriers or companies and individuals posing as motor carriers via a new Web site sponsored by TIA. Members can file reports on describing negative experiences with a carrier or 3PL, said TIA. The company being reported can reply and after 72 hours the entire report is removed or posted to the site for TIA members to see.

Among the abuses the site seeks to address are unauthorized re-brokering of shipments, no show and no call, cancelled after accepting load, held load hostage, back-solicited shipper, in-transit agreement modification, theft or unjustified loss of freight and persistent canceling. TIA members can also report third party logistics companies (3PLs) for unauthorized brokering of shipment, payment issues, brokers freight without broker or freight forwarder authority, operates without bond or trust fund and operates under unregistered alias.

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