When 3PLs merge: CaseStack joins forces with AtomicBox

Two third-party logistics providers (3PLs) – CaseStack, Inc. and AtomicBox Logistics – have agreed to a merger which will combine their operational expertise and market coverage. The merger will combine complementary geographies: AtomicBox’s Midwest and West Coast presence augments the CaseStack footprint in Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, Dallas, New Jersey, and Atlanta.

The two companies are focused on retail-driven consolidation and retail compliant fulfillment. CaseStack, a California-based logistics outsourcing company, provides web-based logistics technology, a national warehousing network, and transportation consolidation programs. CaseStack has a client base in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. AtomicBox Logistics, an Ohio-based international 3PL, provides warehouse services like pick & pack fulfillment, serving customers within general merchandise, consumer and commercial products. AtomicBox operations are located in Cleveland, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Shenzhen, China.

The combined solutions of CaseStack and AtomicBox will bring increased supply chain technology, transportation consolidation programs and a larger regional warehousing footprint for current and prospective customers. The China distribution center provides both companies with the ability to further expand the service offerings at the front-end of the supply chain to include inbound logistics consolidation and value-added services from China – the growing manufacturing point for many companies.

CaseStack provides a capital base with over $20 million in private equity funding from groups including Clarity Partners, Kline Hawkes, Blumberg Capital, and Garage Technology Ventures. This will enable management to supplement aggressive organic growth with strategic acquisitions of regional warehousing companies focused on the CPG industry. The merger brings additional financial strength and depth with the participation of the largest AtomicBox equity shareholder, Development Capital Ventures, who is continuing its investment in the combined entity.

The two companies will focus on leveraging their respective strengths across the combined entity.



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