W.S. Wilson Joins Boeing Effort to Provide Spare Parts On Demand

Boeing (Chicago) and

W.S. Wilson (New York) signed a long-term agreement designed to reduce airlines' maintenance-related costs. Part of Boeing's "integrated materials management" (IMM) initiative, Boeing and W.S. Wilson will maintain an inventory of spare parts, providing items to airline customers on an as needed bases.

As part of this agreement, W.S. Wilson will supply a variety of mechanical products such as bearings, seals and rod ends. W.S. Wilson specializes in AOG delivery services and is a major supplier of aerospace bearings for The Boeing Company.

"W.S. Wilson's partnership with IMM provides the opportunity to expand upon our growing relationship with The Boeing Company and continues a solid commitment to our mutual airline customers," said Mike Russell, executive v.p. and COO for W.S. Wilson. "It allows us to explore and implement innovative ways to help the airlines attain their goals of reduced inventory costs and simplify the supply-chain process."

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