Xata Debuts New Reefer Management Capability

Xata Corp. announced the release of a new reefer management and temperature monitoring solution that integrates with XATANET fleet management tools.

Fleets now face increasing pressure to follow strict temperature standards to ensure that food is not spoiled during transport, said Xata. On the cost-saving side, they must also optimize reefer fuel usage and overall reefer fleet utilization. Xata’s new reefer management solution integrates with XATANET and provides fleets with tools to track temperature data throughout a delivery and to ensure they are getting the most efficient use from their reefer fleets, said Xata.

“As refrigerated fleets continue to invest in technology to ensure refrigerated product gets to its destination on time, reefer optimization and temperature monitoring are critical,” said Tom Flies, senior vice president, product management. “To help meet this need, this enhanced solution gives our customers even more visibility in to their fleets to ensure time sensitive customer needs are met.”

Xata Corp.

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