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Yellow and Roadway Are Now Integrated

Noting that the integration proceeded in a strategic, phased-in approach, Bill Zollars, chairman, president and CEO of YRC Worldwide, claims, “This is a game-changing event for our company and the transportation industry. By going to market as YRC, we're making it easier for customers to do business with the industry leader—and harder for the competition to match our network and our capabilities."

YRC Worldwide is the holding company for a wide portfolio of brands including YRC, YRC Reimer, YRC Logistics, New Penn, Holland, Reddaway and Glen Moore.

The company points out that the new YRC has 450 service centers, offering 100 more than either Roadway or Yellow had individually. It notes that it now provides 21,000 additional direct service points and is 20% closer to its major markets customers.

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