Yield Management Has Positive Environmental Impact

Jacksonville FL-based Enviromodal has opened its doors. It describes itself as a brand-neutral, financial- and environmental-focused transportation initiative.

Enviromodal will manage, market and sell domestic surplus transportation capacity and offer that capacity to clients through real-time, web-based technology, according to the group. It will provide intermodal, railcar and marine-shared assets to fulfill transportation needs utilizing either Enviromodal’s negotiated rate contracts or those of the shipper.

Through collaboration with various transportation and information technology providers, Enviromodal says it will yield-manage rail and truck assets for its clients, increasing asset utilization and reducing empty miles. This, in turn, will lead to less consumption of fossil fuels and lower air pollutants, says Enviromodal.

“Enviromodal will achieve this by bringing visibility and easy access to empty capacity,” said Doug Baland, program director, Enviromodal. “To accomplish this, Enviromodal has partnered with REZ-1 to provide the latest customized software solutions and business processes for a complete transportation solution.”

According to Enviromodal, clients will be able to reserve equipment on a round-the-clock basis, have access to real-time equipment availability, manage their Enviromodal shipments, use a one-stop rail billing feature, have visibility to real-time billing information, and submit questions about charges in real-time.

Enviromodal is currently offering capacity in the market lane from Jacksonville, FL to Secaucus, NJ. Other lanes will be open during the fourth quarter of 2008.

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