Ecofriendly Cargo Bikes Hit Downtown Miami

Ecofriendly Cargo Bikes Hit Downtown Miami

May 19, 2020
Each e-Cargo Cycle deployed enables DHL to take one conventional delivery van off the road.

If you are walking around downtown Miami, Florida, you might just run into a cargo bike.

On May 14, DHL, in partnership with REEF Technology,  announced a pilot program that uses four new low-power electric-assist e-Cargo Cycles for deliveries across Miami.  REEF Technology is a logistics company that turns urban spaces to hubs that connect people to  goods, services, and experiences. 

The three-wheeled cycles are equipped with accompanying cargo containers and are capable of pulling up to 400 pounds or 60 cubic feet in volume.

DHL introduced its four-wheel Cubicycle in Europe in 2015 as part of its City Hub concept which supports cargo bikes within urban areas. For the Miami e-Cargo cycle pilot, a DHL straight truck equipped with a customized trailer will carry up to nine cargo containers for the e-Cargo Cycles.

 The containers are delivered to the REEF Hub, where they will be quickly connected to the e-Cargo Cycles at REEF Hub garages for last-mile inner-city deliveries in the morning. The containers can then be reloaded for outbound shipments in the afternoon. 

The four e-Cargo Cycles being deployed in Miami will result in an expected reduction of 101,000 kg of CO2e annually, DHL said in a statement.  Each e-Cargo Cycle deployed enables DHL to take one conventional delivery van off the road. 

This carbon reduction is part of  DLH’s GoGreen strategy to reduce its carbon footprint.  The short-term goal of DHL is to implement clean pickup and delivery solutions for 70% of its operations by 2025.

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