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Truck Operators Can Receive Subsidized Renewabale Fuel

Truck Operators Can Receive Subsidized Renewable Fuel

July 14, 2020
Through a program called Adopt-a-Port Initiative, Chevron is joining with a natural gas retailer to offer fuel.

Truck operators serving the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will have access to cleaner, carbon-negative renewable natural gas (RNG) as part of the Adopt-a-Port initiative.

On July 8 Chevron announced that it is partnering with California natural gas retailer Clean Energy Fuels Corp. on the program.

Chevron will provide funding for Adopt-a-Port and supply RNG to Clean Energy stations near the ports. Chevron’s funding will allow truck operators to subsidize the cost of buying new RNG-powered trucks. Clean Energy, meanwhile, will manage the program, including offering fueling services for qualified truck operators.

Truck operators participating in the program, which supports the ports’ Clean Trucks Program and Clean Air Action Plan, agree to fuel up at the Clean Energy stations supplied with Chevron RNG.

Truck operators and their import and export customers will help local communities by reducing smog-forming NOx emissions by 98% compared to diesel trucks while also eliminating climate pollutants.

“Switching trucks to fuel with RNG is vital to improving air quality and fighting climate change in our country’s largest port complex,” says Greg Roche, vice president, Clean Energy.

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