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Supply Chain Insider, Episode 4: A Look at the Infrastructure Plan with PwC‘s Matt Comte

Dec. 6, 2021
PwC's Matt Comte explains what's exactly in the Biden Administration's trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, and what implications the plan has for the nation's supply chain.

The Biden Administration's new trillion-dollar infrastructure plan has been greeted with excitement as well as great anticipation that somewhere in that plan might be a cure to the supply chain disruptions that have roiled the economy ever since the pandemic began. But are those expectations realistic? In this latest episode of Supply Chain InsiderMH&L’s podcast series, we talk with Matt Comte, PwC's operations transformation leader, to get his perspective on what exactly is in (and what's NOT in) the infrastructure plan, and what types of projects are most likely to get underway the soonest. He discusses how companies can prepare for the rollout of the plan, and offers his insights into the four areas of greatest impact PwC foresees with the infrastructure plan: modernize, decarbonize, secure, fund new infrastructure. What should your company do right now to get ready for the infrastructure projects to come? You can find out by clicking the button below to hear the full podcast interview with Matt Comte.

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