Long-time trucker Tiffany Heathcott joins Einride as a Remote Pod Operator.

Remote Pod Operation Enables a Safer Alternative to Conventional Trucking

May 3, 2022
For Einride, going autonomous does not mean losing the value of human intervention.

Einride, a Swedish developer of autonomous vehicle technology that recently expanded into the US market, has launched a program designed to facilitate more sustainable transportation and shipping based on its “Pod” solutions.

The Einride pod is an electric, self-driving vehicle that can be remotely controlled by drivers. It includes uses AI, digitalization, electrification and automation technologies.

The company has hired trucking veteran Tiffany Heathcott as its first Remote Pod Operator. Operators are tasked with supporting an Einride Pod in automated drive mode while they ship goods.

With the current trucking shortage, allowing operators to oversee multiple Pods at the same time can help create a new level of efficiency and regulated working environments. This kind of autonomy, when paired with a human operator, can help facilitate worker and fleet safety. Via their Automated Driving Systems, the operators provide only operational support to multiple pods at a time; they do not drive the vehicles.

The full trainee program to become a Remote Pod Operator includes training and testing on the safety protocols and operating modes. An Active CDL license B class or above plus previous commercial driving experience is required for U.S. operators.

“When I came across the opportunity to partner with Einride in this new role, I saw that this was one of the biggest steps I could play a part in, in creating a better and more sustainable future for the next generation and the planet,” said Heathcott. “Once other truck drivers are able to see what the remote approach to shipping can do for them, both on a professional and personal level, I’m confident that more and more will want to take part in creating lasting change.

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