YRC Reopens Talks with Teamsters about Union Pensions

May 27, 2010
YRC Worldwide and the Teamsters union have formed joint committees to address long-term competitiveness and YRC’s reentry into union pension plans. As part of that process, the Teamsters have nominated an economist to join the YRC board

Joint committees representing International Brotherhood of Teamsters leadership and YRC Worldwide management have been formed to address YRC’s competitiveness and reentry into union pension plans. In addition, Teresa Ghilarducci has been nominated by the IBT to join the YRC Worldwide board of directors. Ghilarducci's nomination is in conjunction with the most recent Memorandum of Understanding between the union and the company.

Ghilarducci is a professor of economics at the New School for Social Research, New York. Upon Ghilarducci's election, Carl Vogt will resign from the board as previously announced.

"The self-help recovery that the company and union accomplished together has stabilized the business and put us back on the path to success," claims Bill Zollars, chairman, president and CEO of YRC Worldwide.

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