LMS Acquires McCann’s Piggyback Consolidation

March 7, 2011
The new LMS subsidiary will offer freight brokerage and intermodal services

Logistics Management Solutions (LMS), a non-asset-based third-party logistics provider, has acquired McCann’s Piggyback Consolidation Inc., an Intermodal Marketing Company (IMC) based in Fenton, Mo. Through the acquisition, LMS will add intermodal services to its offerings and create a new subsidiary, Freight Management Solutions (FMS). FMS will specialize in intermodal and freight brokerage services while its parent company, LMS, will focus on supply chain management solutions.

LMS acquired McCann’s to enable its clients to benefit from rail transportation. Through the acquisition, FMS will have access to all Class 1 railroads.

“The transportation industry moves and changes at a rapid pace,” says Dennis Schoemehl, president and CEO of LMS. “As government regulations evolve, fuel prices fluctuate and the economy improves, companies need to expand and explore their modal options to stay competitive with respect to service and cost.”

LMS brings its transportation management system, TOTAL, to FMS. This Web-native system manages freight movements and performs online tracking and tracing. The new subsidiary will assume McCann’s headquarters in Fenton, Mo, where staff from McCann’s and LMS will work together as the FMS team. McCann’s co-founder, Bill McCann, will take on a consultative role during the transition.

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