3PL File: Kenco

Oct. 1, 2008
The company has more than 90 facilities and greater than 23 million square feet of warehouse space in 28 states and Canada

Company Name: Kenco.

Ownership: Private

Stock Symbol: N/A

US Headquarters: 2001 Riverside Drive
Chattanooga, TN 37406

Website URL: www.kencogroup.com

Foreign Locations/Markets Served: The company has more than 90 facilities and greater than 23 million square feet of warehouse space in 28 states and Canada.

Key Personnel: Gary Mayfield,
Chief Executive Officer
Andy Smith,
Chief Operating Officer

Year Founded: 1950

Number of Employees: 4,000

Mission Statement: The Mission of Kenco is to further its reputation as a North American logistics solutions provider. It will capitalize on its proven professionalism in the following areas to expand its business and to position Kenco as the preferred provider/administrator of a range of Logistic Services, including Distribution/Logistics; Real-Estate Development/Management; Value Added Services; Information Technology; Transportation Services/Management; Equipment Expertise (Sales, Leasing, and Management).

Kenco is committed to a corporate culture that promotes honesty, integrity, dedication, enthusiasm, humility and respect for our customers, suppliers and each other. This culture combined with its relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence will enable it to exceed its customer's expectations while enhancing shareholder value.

Capabilities: The Kenco family of companies consists of Kenco Logistic Services, Kenco Transportation, Kenco Toyota-Lift, Kenco Management Services, and JDK Real Estate. Services provided by these companies include logistic services, transportation, real estate management and material handling equipment.

Financial Rating/Stability: $400 Million

Technology Advantages: Kenco offers a combination of several powerful tools to help manage information, workforce, space, and time requirements. Solutions include Kenco Warehouse Management Systems; Red Prairie and Manhattan Tier 1 WMS Solutions; Labor Management Solutions; Yard Management Solution; LeanLogistics Transportation Management Solution; and Business Intelligence Tools.

Additional Services Offered: Among its Value-Added Services are packaging, light manufacturing, assembly, labeling, testing and reverse logistics. It offers sequencing, JIT, manufacturing support, Supply Chain and logistics services.

How It Differentiates ltself: Kenco differentiates itself by providing a level of operational excellence that leads the industry, exceeds customer expectations, and provides a model for continuous improvement. Kenco has more than 50 years of experience, performing warehousing and distribution services for many Fortune 500 companies. Kenco Logistic Services offers Public Warehousing in CA, TN, GA, NJ, MI, & UT. Its Shared Warehouse Solutions include warehousing and distribution, kitting, packaging, cross docking and order fulfillment.

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