Coke Bottler Improves Customer Service with Demand Planning

Nov. 1, 2010
Demand planning solution helps South African beverage company gain visibility throughout its supply chain

Peninsula Beverages (PenBev), one of South Africa’s largest distributors of Coca-Cola products, is using demand planning software to ensure the correct products are available at the right time for customers throughout the regions that they serve.

PenBev’s previous spreadsheet-based processes did not provide an accurate picture of the market; the company was unable to forecast demand and align their commercial, sales and distribution teams with the forecasts. Additionally, the system could not keep up with the company’s growth or satisfy the corporate goal of a single, comprehensive plan to drive the business. Using Voyager Solutions from Logility Inc. will help PenBev transform its current demand planning process to gain visibility across its market and ensure demand is met and customer service is exceeded.

“We strive to meet the needs of our customers and provide quality services at all times,” says Bruce Carter, CIO of Peninsula Beverages. The demand planning solution will help PenBev automate the process of reliably predicting market demand to ensure product availability and drive collaboration between sales and marketing, account managers, and production.

The demand planning solution is designed to help companies generate and track forecasts for multiple business needs, including sales, marketing, logistics and financials, to produce an accurate picture of the market and its impact on operations. The solution helps improve margins by keeping detailed product forecasts aligned with high-level business plans. Additionally users are automatically alerted to changes in the market through exception management and can readjust the forecast ahead of changes in demand.

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