TBB Global Partners with LoJack on Cargo Security

March 15, 2010
TBB Global Logistics has formed a partnership with LoJack Supply Chain Integrity which allows TBB to provide customers with the LoJack’s in-transit cargo protection technology solution

TBB Global Logistics, a third party supply chain management firm, has formed a partnership with LoJack Supply Chain Integrity (LoJack SCI). The agreement allows TBB to provide customers with the LoJack SCI in-transit cargo protection technology solution. LoJack SCI technology-enabled tracking devices and monitoring services are designed to increase the security and protection of valuable cargo.

Cargo theft is a multi-billion dollar problem and getting worse, with recent reports showing rapid increases in reported crimes in 2009 over 2008. To protect against risk, companies must protect their products as they move toward their final destination.

The LoJack SCI portable tracking devices are the size of a mobile phone and use a combination of global positioning system (GPS), cellular and radio-frequency technologies to monitor the precise location, and or temperature, of a shipment throughout the entire course of transportation. High-value items such as designer clothes, electronics and pharmaceuticals are heavily targeted by thieves.

Monitoring temperature of some pharmaceutical products is equally important to maintain their integrity and to keep the public safe. Shippers utilizing the tracking service would place a tracking device in a discrete location among the cargo. If the cargo is stolen or goes missing, multiple authorities are contacted and recovering the cargo becomes much easier knowing its precise location.

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