Army Reserve Joins Schneider National in Employer Partnership

Sept. 17, 2008
The US Army Reserve and Schneider National Inc. launched a public-private partnership they say will help strengthen the community

The US Army Reserve and Schneider National Inc. launched a public-private partnership they say will help strengthen the community, support Army Reserve soldiers and their families, and maintain a strong economy.

Schneider signed with the Army Reserve as an Employer Partner , joining in an alliance that allows the two organizations to recruit, train and employ individuals interested in both serving the nation and pursuing a career in the transportation and logistics industry.

The Army Reserve’s partnership with Schneider National is the first of its kind in the state of Wisconsin. The agreement provides Army Reserve soldiers opportunities for employment with Schneider National after they successfully complete their military occupational training (MOS). The Army Reserve and Schneider National will work together to recruit and train qualified soldier candidates.

“I’m pleased to officially begin an enduring strategic partnership with a respected company like Schneider National,” said Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz, chief, Army Reserve, and commanding general, US Army Reserve Command. “I look forward to collaborating with our newest valued partner to achieve mutual goals to attract, develop and retain a quality workforce. This innovative human capital strategy is good for Schneider National, good for the Army Reserve, good for our soldiers and their families, and good for America.”

Under the program, Schneider National guarantees a job interview for all qualified, participating soldiers no later than 30 days after completing MOS training with the US Army Reserve. In addition, Schneider will give priority placement consideration to qualified Army reservists. In turn, the Army Reserve will advise soldiers of Schneider National driver, office, maintenance and warehouse career opportunities.

“This program is truly a win-win-win scenario for reservists, the US Army and Schneider National,” said Tim Fliss, executive vice president of human resources for Schneider National. “It provides American soldiers with great career opportunities near their reserve unit, allowing for more stability in their careers and lives. The positions the soldiers hold at Schneider provide them with business experience that helps in their reserve careers and further strengthens the US Army. Schneider National wins because the company’s job vacancies are filled with quality employees who are well-trained soldiers.”

Schneider says it has a 70+ year history of hiring members of the military and points to the fact that approximately 25% of its workforce has a military-related background. “Schneider shares the values of safety, integrity, respect and excellence with the US military. We thank our service men and women for their commitment to country and appreciate the talents those individuals bring to Schneider,” Fliss explained.

The Army Reserve is collaborating with business leaders to develop staffing solutions to meet America’s industry demands, tackle the issue of workforce preparedness, and reinvigorate America’s human talent to remain competitive in the global economy.

In addition, it aims to establish a process whereby employers and the Army Reserve may secure and share the talents of trained professionals. Since its inception in April, the initiative has already recruited many enthusiastic business partners including Inova Health Systems, American Trucking Associations, Sears, USAA, Crowley Auto Group and the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC. More than 300 national, regional and local businesses and agencies are in various stages of formalizing a partnership with the Army Reserve.

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