Continental Airlines Adds To Cold Chain Capability

May 21, 2009
Continental Airlines selected the CSafe AcuTemp RKN cargo container for temperature-sensitive shipments.

Continental Airlines Cargo selected the CSafe LLC AcuTemp RKN container as part of its structured cold chain program, according to CSafe. Continental Airlines is the first US passenger airline capable of handling the active cargo container, it said.

“Continental is determined to offer our customers the most advanced cold chain technology available,” said Mark Mohr, Continental’s manager, product development and specialty sales. “The AcuTemp RKN represents the latest addition to our ever-growing arsenal of temperature-sensitive shipping capabilities.”

The AcuTemp RKN, is the only FAA approved non-dry ice compressor-driven refrigeration unit permitted in the cargo section of a [passenger] aircraft, according to CSafe. In use since 2008, the air cargo container has both cooling and heating capabilities and can sustain consistent temperatures in ambient environments as extreme as -30 degrees Celsius to +50 degrees Celsius.

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