Ford Taps Ceva for Inbound Support

July 15, 2009
Ceva Logistics launched an inbound manufacturing support facility for Ford Motor Company's Louisville truck plant

Under a contract with Ford Motor Company, Ceva Logistics will manage an inbound manufacturing support facility located in close proximity to the company's Louisville, KY truck plant. The facility will provide small lot market place replenishment, container management as well as just in time transportation of all material in quick response to the plant’s specific build needs.

The facility has added over 25 jobs to the area. While CEVA Logistics provides a variety of logistics services to Ford in many locations across the world, this is the first contract for this particular truck plant. The launch of this new facility expands on the long-standing, successful CEVA-Ford partnership, said Ceva.

“We’re happy to have been selected by Ford Motor Company to support this truck manufacturing plant,” said Kerry Zielinski, vice president Automotive Sales, Ceva Logistics. “Our launch was an exciting committed adventure for Ceva as we launched during what was called the worst ice storm in Louisville history.” He added, “Our team worked without power, without computers or even phones in 35 degree weather to maintain production for Ford at this plant.” Lastly he said, “Our creative solutions kept the plant working and our efforts were appreciated by the Ford Group.”

Ceva Logistics has received three “Q1” awards from the Ford Motor Company for various truckload and fleet transportation operations in the United States and Canada. The “Q1” Award is the highest honor attainable for Ford’s preferred suppliers, said Ceva. The award recognizes suppliers who have achieved a sustained level of excellence in customer satisfaction, while meeting Ford’s systems and results requirements in quality, delivery and management. In addition, suppliers must have endorsements from Ford's key customers and meet Ford-defined performance metrics.

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