Challenger Acquires Sandrock

Oct. 7, 2009
Ontario-based Challenger Motor Freight acquired Sandrock Specialized Carriers

Challenger Motor Freight Inc. announced its purchase of certain assets of the special commodities business of Sandrock Specialized Carriers an Ontario-based carrier that focuses on special-commodities - Over Dimensional transportation.

“The addition of the Sandrock business is a significant moment for both our companies,” said Dan Einwechter, chairman and CEO for Challenger Motor Freight. “With the addition of their equipment and expertise, we look forward to expanding our special commodities division to provide Challenger’s innovative transportation solutions to a wider range of customers as well as our combined existing client base. Having Mark Sandrock and his team join our new division, Sandrock Specialized Transport, will enhance service offers to existing Challenger accounts as well as provide Sandrock’s customer with much broader service offerings from a single source, a true win-win situation.”

The transaction comes at a time when the economy is tightening, traditional export markets are shifting, and the demands of the shipping public and Department of Homeland Security have placed immense pressures on Canadian carriers, Einwechter observed. “With the challenges in today’s trucking industry, it is often necessary and sometimes inevitable to seek out a larger carrier to provide security and diversity of service, and such is the case for Sandrock,” said Mark Sandrock, president of Sandrock Specialized Carriers. “I take huge pride that I can join a truly great carrier of Challenger’s calibre and build a strong team for the future of both my current and potential customers.”

Challenger Motor Freight Inc.

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