Con-way Truckload Adopts E-Logs

April 11, 2011
Early adoption of paperless logs aims to ensure driver compliance with hours-of-service rules

Con-way Truckload, a full truckload carrier and subsidiary of Con-way Inc., has announced that 71% of its 3,000-driver fleet is using electronic logs (e-logs), with full integration of the technology expected in June 2011. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is expected to make the adoption of e-logs mandatory for all carriers by 2014.

E-logs automatically capture hours-of-service (HOS) data, reducing the potential for inaccuracies and risk of violations associated with manual (paper) logs, which negatively impact safety, on-time service, operational efficiencies and CSA scores, among other issues. Because satellite-based mobile communications units have been installed in Con-way Truckload tractors since 1994, the company was able to integrate e-logs at a minimal cost. And, as a result of reduced costs associated with providing and managing traditional paper-based log books, the company has achieved 59% savings to date.

Con-way Truckload began testing e-logs in February 2010 and started integrating the system in its trucks fleetwide in November. Currently 2,145 drivers are using e-logs, with another 75 drivers transitioning to the system each week, on average.

One of Con-way Truckload’s long-time drivers, Gary Sorell, was selected to use e-logs first.

“When I started using e-logs in March 2010, I wasn’t sure what to expect; now, I wouldn’t give it back,” says Sorell. “With a computer to do all of the work, a driver doesn’t need to spend time filling out a paper log or calculating hours manually. There is no way to make a mistake, which eliminates log violations and makes it easy to work with the Department of Transportation.”

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