DHL Adds Dimensioning System in Miami

Oct. 28, 2009
DHL has completed installation of a load dimensioning system at its Miami facility

FreightScan, LLC announced it had completed the installation of two FS100 automated cargo dimensioning systems at DHL Aviation Americas in Miami, FL. Following several days of installing and training, the automated systems are now fully operational by the DHL staff, which is scanning 100% of its shipments.

The first FS100 was installed at the Miami facility in May 2009, and a second system was installed in June 2009.

“Our team is very pleased to have our first FreightScan FS100 automated 'dimming' systems in place and operational," said Reiner Wolfs, vice president of Aviation Operations for DHL. “We are finding that by implementing the dimensioning system, we are able to capture the actual volumes of our shipments with increased efficiency and accuracy, and more precisely determine any discrepancies in weight or volume at the time the cargo is tendered at our facilities. We are seeing numerous benefits from the FS100, which is streamlining our process of collecting dimensional weight and giving us better information for our customers."

DHL has notified its customers that the new automated dimensioning systems are in place and that they will have the benefit of more accurate data and a back-up record for every shipment, including dimensions, dimensional weight, scale weight, a scan image and photo. The units were integrated directly with DHL's scale so that gross weight information automatically becomes a part of the back-up record.

“The FS100s mount directly over a scale in our acceptance area to capture 'dims' at the same time the shipment is being weighed, providing superior data capture at a faster pace,” said Marines Sibilla, Aviation Station Manager.

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