Ceva Logistics Wins Contract Renewal With Ford

May 21, 2009
Ceva Logistics will continue to provide inbound manufacturing support for Ford Motor Company at its Claycomo, MO truck plant.

Ceva Logistics has been awarded a contract renewal for the operations of an inbound manufacturing support facility for Ford Motor Company’s truck plant based in Claycomo, MO. Ceva will take responsibility for the sequencing, bulk replenishment, kitting and container management for both the truck and SUV assembly lines.

The logistics operator will also provide just-in-time transportation of all materials in quick response to the plants specific build needs. A new facility will be added to current operations to support the implementation of the Lean program–a methodology to realize efficiency and quality through waste reduction based on sustainable and continuous improvements. The contract renewal will allow Ceva to maintain over 100 employees in the Kansas City area

“We’re pleased to have been awarded this important strategic business by Ford Motor Company to support this multi-platform manufacturing plant,” said Kerry Zielinski, vice president automotive business development, Ceva Logistics. “Our efforts to save Ford Motor Company significant cost involved a six month timeline of analysis. We feel proud of the work done by our logistics team enabling us to offer Ford an optimal solution.”

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