Schneider National Receives Fourth EPA Award

Oct. 28, 2009
Schneider National has received its fourth consecutive Environmental Excellence Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Transportation, logistics and intermodal services provider Schneider National Inc. has received its fourth consecutive Environmental Excellence Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership. Though the partnership has approximately 2,100 partners, just 37 were honored this year—and only two transportation companies, including Schneider National, have received the distinction each year since its inception.

This annual award recognizes companies and organizations that exhibit leadership in conserving energy and lowering greenhouse gas emissions from their transportation and freight activities. Schneider was recognized for its conservation efforts in both the truckload and intermodal service offerings.

"It’s not easy to run the most energy-efficient fleet on the road, but it’s a commitment Schneider has upheld for over 30 years,” said Steve Matheys, executive vice president, chief administration officer at Schneider National. “In the past year alone, our industry-leading technologies and policies saved more than 200 million gallons of fuel and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 2.2 million tons. We’re extremely proud that the EPA has recognized our efforts with the Environmental Excellence Award four years in a row—an honor that further drives our commitment to finding new, innovative ways to reduce our energy consumption and minimize our impact on the environment.”

In addition to rewarding drivers with incentives of $11 million for their fuel management efforts (reduction of out-of-route and empty miles through improved trip planning), Schneider radically transformed its Intermodal footprint in 2008. Schneider purchased over 9,000 stackable containers to retool its intermodal fleet. This operational design shift resulted in a savings of over 79 million gallons of fuel in 2008, according to the compnay.

At the same time, initiatives launched prior to 2008 continued to improve the company’s overall environmental footprint. Use of low-rolling resistance tires, synthetic and low-friction lubricants, aerodynamic tractor design, and idle-reduction equipment saved an additional 46.8 million gallons of diesel fuel and lowered Schneider’s emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide by 10,000 tons and 3,332 tons, respectively.

"EPA is pleased to recognize these SmartWay Partners with a 2009 Excellence Award. I commend Schneider National for its leadership in promoting sustainable transportation practices through the SmartWay Transport Partnership,” said Margo T. Oge, director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality, EPA. "These actions demonstrate a commitment to a cleaner environment and more secure energy supply.”

SmartWay was introduced by the EPA and a select group of 15 carriers (including Schneider) and shipping and business leaders in 2004 as an innovative, market-based partnership to reduce fuel use, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants from the freight sector, explains Schneider National. Today, more than 2,100 businesses and organizations have joined the partnership, from Fortune 500 companies to family-owned businesses, each working to improve their environmental performance.

Through the SmartWay Partnership these companies will eliminate six million tons of carbon dioxide that contribute to global warming and save more than 540 million gallons of diesel fuel—an economic savings of at least $2 billion a year.

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay

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