Port of Houston Authority in Assess and Operation Recovery Mode

Sept. 15, 2008
Based on preliminary assessments, the PHA facilities have limited negative impact from Hurricane Ike.

From a statement issued by the Port of Houston Authority on Sept. 13th:

The Port of Houston Authority is in an asset assessment and operation recovery mode.

Based on preliminary assessments, the PHA facilities have limited negative impact from Hurricane Ike. As is most of the Houston Area, we are without electricity and we are operating with limited temporary power from generators.

Initial assessments of the PHA terminals revealed minimal wind damage that knocked down a few fences, containers and electrical lines. We also received expected minimal water damage that caused some standing water. Overall, the Port Authority facilities and its assets are in good shape considering the magnitude and strength of the hurricane. All PHA windblown debris has been contained on the PHA property. The vast majority of the cargo is safe, secure and undamaged.

All of the vessels docked at PHA terminals are secure. The Rickmars Seoul marine vessel did break loose, but it was contained and secured within a matter of minutes thanks to nearby tugboat operators. PHA staff is working with CenterPoint Energy to establish power as soon as possible. Pending the establishment of power, we expect to open the PHA at 7 a.m. on Monday, September 15, to focus on cleanup and further assessments. We are still assessing when we can begin accepting trucks at our terminals. We will make that determination tomorrow evening [14th] and we will notify the trucking industry accordingly.

As far as the Port of Houston opening to vessel traffic, we rely on the Captain of the Port to make that determination. At this time, that determination has not been made. We will continue to coordinate communication and assessment efforts with the local and regional port coordination team.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update the web sites www.portofhouston.com and www.PHAstatus.com as more information becomes available.

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