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Maersk Logistics

May 5, 2005
Maersk Logistics2 Giralda Farms Madison Avenue Madison, NJ 07940-0885Phone: 973-514-5100 Fax: 973-514-5137E-mail: [email protected]: www.maersklogistics.com

Maersk Logistics
2 Giralda Farms Madison Avenue
Madison, NJ 07940-0885
Phone: 973-514-5100
Fax: 973-514-5137
E-mail: [email protected]
WebSite: www.maersklogistics.com

We create opportunities in global commerce

We will fulfil our vision by:

  • Truly understanding our clients and their business
  • Offering second-to-none transportation solutions
  • Being profitable—and delivering sustainable, profitable growth
  • Continuously reducing costs and increasing efficiency
  • Offering our colleagues personal growth and a motivating place to work
  • Being innovative
  • Being good corporate citizens

Anthony A. Chiarello
Maersk Logistics, Inc.

What we see as a major trend in the area of globalization—in addition to the expansion of sourcing points—is taking control of product being imported by companies in the US and Canada at the point of origin. This trend is particularly strong in the retail segment as we have experienced in the past few years. The percentage of product being controlled by retailers at the point of origin today is multiples of what it was three to five years ago. And we expect it to be multiples of that three to five years down the road. It is what you call the growth of inbound logistics practices and it has been proven that these types of supply chain practices have been able to significantly reduce costs for companies.

What we see in terms of business continuity is that customers truly expect their 3PL to be a global player. This is obviously not a new notion for the industry, but the dynamic that has been added to being truly global in the last two years has pushed—and will continue to push—3PLs to walk the talk when it comes to being a global player in the logistics arena. Customers expect their providers to be able to quickly react to disruptive events in business continuity. So tomorrow if they come to you and say that they want to stop sourcing from a country in Africa and start sourcing from a country in Asia for that same product mix, a global 3PL needs to be able to do that.

More importantly, a global 3PL needs to be able to do that while balancing what impacts those changes may have in the flow of the domestic supply chain once the product hits the US. We are feeling this pressure, not only the changes in sourcing areas, but also the changes in what pieces of the domestic supply chain infrastructure must support the product, more and more from customers. And the true expectation is that a global 3PL will be able to handle those changes without a break in the continuity of a customer's business.

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