Environmentally Sustainable Packaging Solutions Offered

Sept. 9, 2009
Container and Pooling Solutions says reusable container solutions can reduce waste and help reduce costs

Increased corporate and government demands for waste reduction and sustainable solutions, combined with the current economy's cost pressures, could spell opportunity for Container and Pooling Solutions (CAPS). The provider of container management services says requests for reusable container solutions are on the increase.

“With increasing pressure from the government, corporate executive management and consumers to implement green strategies throughout their supply chains, manufacturers are looking for unique packaging solutions to meet this goal, while continuing to reduce their costs during these tough economic times,” says Robert Wiedmaier, CEO of Container and Pooling Solutions. “One common misconception decision makers often have is that going green will negatively impact their bottom line, when in fact this is not the case.” Wiedmaier adds that, by using returnable containers, companies actually realize significant savings on their packaging costs.

CAPS supplies a variety of products, including collapsibley and stackable containers that save warehouse space and allow shipping more returns per truckload when knocked down. Each container is identified using a unique barcode, says Wiedmaier. The bar code can be scanned to allow the container to be tracked in order to optimize the existing supply chain, eliminate underutilized inventory and reduce shipping expenses.

Tracking also helps with life cycle management services such as repair, cleaning, and recycling to both rental customers, as well as those who own their fleet, says Wiedmaier.

Container and Pooling Solutions (CAPS)

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