Forwarders and Ports Each Offering Scholarships

Sept. 25, 2009
PD Ports has joined forces with Teesside University to deliver a Foundation Degree specifically for those working within the ports industry

Support from Roanoke Trade Services, Inc., an Affiliate Member and a Preferred Provider to the National Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA), will allow the NCBFAA to offer a $5,000 scholarship to a high school senior or an undergraduate student at an accredited college or university.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, PD Ports and Teeside Univeristy have launched a degree program.

To be eligible for the NCBFAA scholarship, an applicant must be an employee, or child of an employee, of a regular NCBFAA member, but may not own a company involved in the industry. In addition, the candidate must be pursuing a career in customs brokerage, freight forwarding or a related field, such as international trade. Interested and qualified persons may request an application by e-mailing [email protected].

In the UK, a partnership of PD Ports and Teeside University will support a Foundation Degree for leadership and management for those working in the ports industry. The qualification has now been approved by the University and recently the official signing ceremony take place at PD Ports’ headquarters in Middlesbrough.

Starting in late October, the Foundation Degree in Leadership and Management (Ports) is offered over two years on a part-time basis. The degree program is delivered using a Masterclass approach which has been developed by Teesside University on similar successful programs. The Masterclass will be delivered at the University by a university lecturer with a senior PD Ports employee offering practical examples of how this can be applied in practice at the Port. This method ensures the practical application of theory and delivers added value to the delegates and their workplace through improved performance.

During the signing ceremony Professor Graham Henderson, Vice-Chancellor of Teesside University and David Robinson, PD Ports’ Group CEO, both talked about the vital importance of learning, skills and people development for growing successful businesses. Senior management from both PD Ports and Teesside University attended as the two signed the official documentation, cementing the authenticity of the Foundation Degree.

“The program is open to employees throughout PD Ports who have responsibility for or aspirations to manage people, irrespective of the department in which they work,” said Robinson. “The introduction of this foundation degree is a unique personal development opportunity to develop and enhance our employees’ current skills, allowing them to more effectively lead and manage people within the organisation,” he continued.

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