Schenker Moves to “Green” Terminal

April 23, 2009
DB Schenker said it is building a “green” mega-hub in Melbourne.

The new DB Schenker multi-purpose hub in Melbourne, Australia will not only expand the company's forwarding and logistics operations, it will incorporate a series of environmentally friendly features.

The 11,000 square-meter (118,000 square foot) facility Schenker describes as a mega hub will be located at Melbourne's international airport. It consolidates operations from four locations.

The facility has a strong environmental focus, says Schenker. It will store 450,000 liters (118,800 gallons) of rainwater, most of which will be permanently stored for fire protection. The facility will also use solar panels and convert 80% of its lift truck fleet to electric lift trucks. In-house recycling will minimize landfill and general waste by 60%.

These and other features will enable the facility to achieve a Green Star rating, says Schenker. This is a comprehensive, national, voluntary environmental rating scheme that evaluates the environmental design and achievements of buildings.

Schenker adds that the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art pallet handling equipment, temperature control and high security storage facilities. “With 300 daily truck runs, 2,000 tonnes of air freight and more than 150 containers per month, the new mega hub will increase efficiencies in freight turnover significantly,” said Schenker. “The new hub proves that economic and environmental initiatives go hand in hand,” said Ron Koehler, CEO of Schenker Australia Pty Ltd. “By using rain water and solar energy we protect the environment and operate cost efficiently at the same time. Long-term commitment and investment in sustainable practices are part of our core values and by contributing to the environment all stakeholders of Schenker Australia Pty Ltd will benefit.”

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