ABF Marks “Quality” Anniversary

Sept. 18, 2009
ABF Freight System marked 25 years of its ABF Quality Process

Marking the 25th year of its Quality Process, ABF President and Chief Operating Officer Wes Kemp said, “Quality performance tracks back to the company’s origins in 1923, however, in 1984 ABF took the bold step of formally institutionalizing the four absolutes of Quality.”

The result was management and employees were better equipped to resolve and prevent problems, Kemp continued. “Without a doubt, the ABF Quality Process has played a key role in our success and is now engrained in our company’s culture.”

All ABF employees are trained to be versatile and detail-oriented, Kemp explained. ABF service centers routinely undergo extensive quality evaluations, including a quality awareness survey, an on-site validation audit, and scrutiny by the ABF Quality Implementation Committee. “The comprehensive process gauges resource management, damage/loss prevention, customer satisfaction, and other key performance indicators. The highest internal recognition an individual ABF service center can earn is the President's Quality Award, which annually recognizes locations that best exemplify the ABF Quality Process.”

“We believe our customers deserve error-free service,” said Kemp. “ABF’s ability to provide extraordinary customer care hinges upon the training, experience and responsiveness of our local service center personnel. We are committed to having the best people, facilities, equipment, and transportation tools in the industry. Our company has prospered because of our dedication to serving internal and external customers in a helpful, efficient, innovative and error-free manner.”

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