Printing and Labeling Spotlight

June 1, 2004
Printing and Labeling Spotlight The 360 RW label applicator inspects and writes to 13.56 Mhz ISO and other HF transponders embedded in pressure-sensitive

Printing and Labeling Spotlight

The 360 RW label applicator inspects and writes to 13.56 Mhz ISO and other HF transponders embedded in pressure-sensitive labels and automatically tamp-blow applies them to a variety of products. It eliminates the need for advanced programming and maintaining a large stock of embedded material. The applicator accepts RFID label in roll form and applies labels at 40 to 50 per minute. MPI Label Systems,, 800-837-2134.

The CL408e and CL412e UHF printers utilize multi-protocol RFID read/write technology, which supports EPC Class I, ISO1800 and EM Marin protocols. The printers can be easily upgraded as new standards and protocols are established. SATO America Inc.,, 704-644-1650.

Case History

Until early 1996, Iverson Gaming Systems (IGS) was a division of Iverson Associates, a firm that has been developing customized software and providing solutions for the PC and minicomputer platforms since 1984. In 1994, Iverson Associates was asked to develop slot tracking software for a casino in the Bahamas. This contract resulted in the creation of a proprietary slot and player tracking system capable of transmitting data through existing electrical wires in a building.

Iverson Gaming’s SLOTMaster III tracking system uses plastic, magnetic-stripe encoded cards to record individual player slot and table ratings. The card can double as a room key or simply be a casino-branded loyalty card. Either way, the casino typically chooses to print custom-designed cards on site. When Iverson Gaming demonstrates its tracking system to a casino, company representatives take along a Zebra P310 printer.

“Not only is the printer extremely portable, but it’s also easy to use and reliable, and creates high-quality cards,” said Millard Reeves, vice president in charge of product development for Iverson Gaming.

The Zebra P310 printer offers fast, full-color, high-quality plastic card printing. Printing personalized loyalty and membership cards, employee and visitor badges, and student ID and access control cards is easy, fast and simple. The P310 prints sharp, readable bar codes, ID photos, graphics and text, edge-to-edge, in just seconds. The printer features a space-saving, small footprint design for on-the-spot desktop and countertop printing applications. Zebra Card Printer Solutions,, 800-579-1800.

This direct thermal transfer digital printer marks and codes on paper, bags and containers as well as wood, leather, rubber, fabrics, and scratch-proof and solvent-resistant plastic. A double ribbon creates a positive image electronically on the inked thermal ribbon in an initial print phase and then transfers “hot” to the surface being worked on. Messages are limited only by the size of the marking area. Matthews International Corp., Marking Products Div.,, 412-665-2500.

The Mt2 is an ultra-lightweight 2-in. mobile thermal printer. Its clamshell printhead design provides quick and easy paper loading. An RS-232 Serial interface and fast IrDA with optical communication are standard; Bluetooth wireless connectivity is an option. The Mt2 can be used with most portable computing platforms. Printek Inc.,, 888-211-3400.

The Economizer digital bag and case printer prints text, bar codes and graphics on uncoated multi-wall kraft bags, flat cases, die cuts and blanks. Its hand-fed press prints 1,000 cases per hour. An operator simply adjusts the guide bar on the feed table to the width of the product, then feeds it to the print cylinder. A computer-generated printing stencil allows placement of high-resolution print anywhere within a 32 x 11-in. area. Iconotech,, 800-521-0194.

The FAST Tag RFID system places, tracks and verifies RFID tags on cartons and pallets. The base system includes an inbound bar code scanner, RF tag applicator, tag verifier and outbound box-tag RFID verifier. Controls for infeed, tracking, verify-reject outputs and configurable I/O features are included. The software runs on a PC platform. Accu-Sort Systems Inc.,, 800-227-2633.

The PX Series small-character inkjet printer features a large color LCD touch panel for quick and easy operation and maintenance. The ink circulation system helps reduce fluid evaporation. Viscosity and density control provides stable ink drop formation for high-quality printing. Nozzle and gutter are automatically cleaned before shut-down. Hitachi America Ltd.,, 914-524-6645.

Stryker labeling software allows order fulfillment customers to automatically print and apply labels to both the face and back sides of products in one continuous pass. It also allows apply-only applicators in the mix. Stryker processes up to 120 items per minute. Autologik,, 888-734-1350.

The 64-05 RFID printer is UHF/EPC-compliant and can be upgraded to keep pace. It is equipped with features that conserve ribbon usage, verify chip functionality and guard against label damage when the system is printing. It programs a label’s RFID chip and employs direct thermal or thermal transfer technology to print variable data and symbology at 305 dpi at speeds up to 16 ips. Avery Dennison Printer Systems Americas,, 215-728-8028.

A new floor labeling system holds up under pallet and lift truck traffic. A heavy-duty, 5 x 7-in. aluminum frame holds a 3 x 5-in., self-adhesive, custom-imprinted aluminum label. To change a label, simply pop it out and insert a new one. The frame is easily installed with the drill bit and concrete screws included in the kit. Aigner Index Inc.,, 800-242-3919.

Free printer Driver Service Pack (DSP) online update service now supports Label Matrix software. DSP enables systems integrators, resellers and end users to update and add printer drivers via a simple Internet download, without software upgrades or complex install routines. Users select the specific driver from a menu. The download is packaged as a zip file. Teklynx International,, 414-535-6223.

Industrial-grade plastic enclosures protect bar code label printers as well as computers, touchscreens and other electronic equipment in harsh, dusty environments. The enclosures offer mobility and flexibility, and do not interfere with data transmission or wireless LANs. An insulated version contains a mounted heating unit, which, along with the insulation, protects the printer where labeling is required in freezer or refrigerated environments. Qube Corp.,, 800-747-8381.

The EasyCoder Intellitag PM4i printer writes to Intellitag RFID chips embedded into a label and simultaneously prints bar codes and human-readable text. The tags operate in the 800-928 MHz UHF range and can be read and written at any frequency within that range, allowing global companies to use a single tag. The small printer operates with or without a computer, and implements RFID encoding without reprogramming the host system. Intermec Technologies Corp.,, 800-347-2636.

The Alpha V40 label applicator automatically peels labels from the supply roll, then affixes them to products or packages as they pass on a conveyor line. The unit applies labels up to 4.72 in. wide and 98 in. long at speed to 210 feet per minute. It can be oriented to apply labels to the side, top or bottom of products, and is available in right- and left-hand configurations. Weber Marking Systems Inc.,, 800-843-4242.

BARCODE 2000 6.0 prints bar-coded shipping and other production labels on most enterprise printers, using data piped directly from standard applications and databases. The multi-platform software requires no special print servers or other dedicated hardware. It supports 1D and 2D symbologies and provides capabilities to design and print labels meeting ASN and AIAG B-14 specifications. Unibar Inc.,, 348-299-5050.

Tamper-indicating labels provide physical evidence of tampering to prevent fraud and protect assets. The labels fracture upon removal or footprint upon removal, indicating label tampering. Labels are available in a variety of material in both stock ancustom configurations. They are available blank for print-on-demand needs or with information preprinted. Brady Corp.,, 800-297-5778.

The PA1000tZ RFID-enabled smart label printer/applicator uses the Zebra R4Mplus thermal transfer printer. The tamp applicator features a large-capacity unwind/rewind, reducing the number of times you need to change label stock. It applies labels to the top or side of products of varying height. Heavy guide rods provide minimal deflection. It prints and applies up to 58 smart labels per minute. Tharo Systems Inc.,, 800-878-6833.

The Marsh 320 large-character ink jet printer can print on uneven or curved surfaces. It can print two lines of 7-dot-high characters at 200 feet per minute. Each controller is designed to run up to four printheads and has the ability to run two independent production lines. The printheads use a variety of fluids. Videojet Technologies Inc.,, 630-860-7300.

The metal X-Tag is designed for demanding applications. The tag is produced from stainless steel substrate with a special laser-markable coating that can withstand temperatures to 1,600°F for up to 100 hours. The tag is available as a single tag or in a long roll (nick-and-notched) for easy break-off. Tags can be preprinted or imaged on demand with high-visibility text, 1D and 2D bar codes, graphics and logos. InfoSight Corp.,, 740-642-3600.

Other Material Handling Products

The Wheeled Overpack Salvage Drum is available in a 50-gal version. Wheels make it easy to maneuver, even when fully loaded. The drum meets U.S. Department of Transportation/UN salvage drum criteria and features built-in handles, easy-opening, screw-top lid and chemical-resistant polyethylene construction. Enpac Corp.,, 800-936-7229.


The Rotorpac waste compactor has an average 6:1 compaction rate. It can compact the entire contents of a traditional waste dumpster into one polyethylene bag. Easy to install and use, the compactor does not require a full-time operator. The machine will not operate if the lockable front door is open. It also features a lockable emergency stop button, lockable mains isolator and motor overload protection. KenBay,, 888-353-6229.


ShipShape containers may be designed with protrusions, recesses or flat spaces where an RFID tag may be secured for easy scanning by wireless devices. Once RFID-enabled, the containers accommodate large amounts of product and regulatory information. Seven containers are available with capacity to 1,500 lb. The containers stack up to seven high when empty. Two- and four-way fork entry is offered. Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.,, 800-829-4535.


The GX-1000 computer measures 10.1-in. x 8-in. x 2.9-in. It is designed for applications where users require PC-compatible power but are limited by space. The fixed- or truck-mount computer is equipped with 256 MB DRAM, 20-GB minimum hard drive and 10/100 Ethernet onboard, and supports all operating systems. Glacier Computer,, 603-882-1560.


Material Master dischargers offer features that maximize production. Automatically sequenced Flo-Master bag massagers and Power-Flo bag impactors promote material flow, which a Flo-Lock discharge spout closure provides complete shutoff. A Sure-Seal spout clamp seals the bag discharge spout to a discharge spool for dust-tight operation. Material Transfer & Storage Inc.,, 800-836-7068.


This cabinet is ideal for storage of binders, small parts and items needing quick access. The unit is 30-in. wide x 12-in. deep x 30-in. high and features integrated doors with standard lock, shelves adjustable at every inch, 125-lb capacity per shelf, and overall capacity of 375 lb. Rousseau,, 800-463-4271.


The new DC-100 counting scale has an RS-232 port and keyboard input port. Two-line dot matrix LCD display shows numeric measurements and text messaging. User-friendly operator cards mount near scale display. The scale easily stores more than 1,500 items. The internal battery provides 30 hours of continuous use. Rice Lake Weighing Systems,, 715-234-9171.


The 1000 Series grid couplings are interchangeable with industry standard hubs and grid springs up to size 1200. The couplings cushion shock loads and compensates for parallel, angular or axial misalignment. A high-tensile alloy grid reduces vibration by as much as 30 percent. Cover fasteners are available in metric or imperial sizes. Lovejoy Inc.,, 630-852-0500.


The N30-45XMR3 single-reach lift truck provides optimal performance for narrow-aisle applications. The Vista mast with widely spaced channels and angled, grid-style overhead guard provides clear view of fork tips. The Ultima II control handle allows simultaneous control of acceleration, travel direction and one auxiliary function. Its short wheelbase and articulated axle design ensures stable tight-corner turning. Hyster Co.,, 800-497-8371.


The Advance Captor rider sweeper/scrubber is now available with a battery option. The modular platform consists of a sweeping system with dust control and high hopper, and a scrub deck that can be sized to match the facility. Available in a 51-inch and 62-inch sweep path, it offers either a 43-inch or 48-inch scrub deck. The Captor is equally effective as a stand-alone sweeper, scrubber or as a combination sweeper/scrubber. Nilfisk-Advance,, 800-569-0344.


The QuadBlaster QB-4 repels unwanted birds using ultrasonic sound to eliminate the expense, mess and disease birds cause property, products and employees. Four speakers project sound waves in an overlapping pattern for 360° coverage. Simply plug the unit into a 110-vac outlet (220-vac unit is available). There are no moving parts. Bird-X Inc.,, 800-662-5021.


Top-cap carton handling saves warehouse space. The Model 747M Box-A-Loft lift truck attachment can safely carry four refrigerators or three washer/dryer combinations. The width of the carton is all that extends past the attachment, requiring a shorter turning radius to stack and pick up loads. A bottom slide extends past the carton to avoid denting. The attachment features polyurethane wheels and breakaway wings that protect the main frame. Other models are available. All units fit ITA Class II carriages. American Soniram Corp.,, 800-692-1088.

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