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May 5, 2005
Commodity Logistics, Inc.Corporate Office 1500 Commodity Blvd. Lockbourne, OH 43137 Toll Free: 800.646.1771Local: 614.491.5662Fax: 614.491.8189E-mail:

Commodity Logistics, Inc.
Corporate Office 1500 Commodity Blvd.
Lockbourne, OH 43137
Toll Free: 800.646.1771
Local: 614.491.5662
Fax: 614.491.8189
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Site:

Our mission : Your long-term success

At Commodity Logistics, Inc., we are committed to stable, long-term business relationships. Our long-term focus gives us a deeper understanding of your business, allowing our team of experienced professionals to design logistics solutions that go much further to meet your needs. Our solutions are based on innovative thinking, implemented with the latest technology and supported by our full array of value-added services in warehousing, transportation and distribution.

Outstanding personal service is another benefit you'll enjoy with Commodity Logistics. Day in, day out, we strive with every bit of energy and ingenuity to exceed your expectations. It's a commitment we take seriously.

Today, businesses across the nation are experiencing huge gains in efficiency and profitability with Commodity Logistics. So can your business.

James D. Thomas
Commodity Logistics, Inc.

Commodity Logistics, Inc. is an experienced provider of efficient, reliable and economical supply chain solutions. We are a growing company with a strong record of exceeding our customers' expectations and performance objectives. The foundations of our success are: in-depth understanding of our customers' needs, innovative thinking and tailored solutions from experienced industry professionals, correct application of technology and resources, and exceptional personal service.

Our customers value our consistent, longterm approach to their success. They know they can count on us today. And tomorrow. As our reputation continues to grow, so do the reasons for selecting us as your logistics partner.

Comprehensive logistics services
No matter what your needs are, Commodity Logistics can handle them. We offer a full range of warehousing, transportation and logistics services including:

  • Network design/supply chain consulting
  • Facility management
  • Distribution
  • LTL consolidation
  • Full service CFS
  • Multi-mode transportation
  • EDI
  • Foreign Trade Zone storage and warehousing
  • Much more

Collaborative logistics
Commodity can design collaborative networks with other divisions of your company or with other shippers. Co-locating allows you to streamline your transportation and storage operations while significantly lowering your costs. This is a significant money-saving opportunity.

Contract logistics
We can also fulfill all your warehousing logistics needs—from forklifts and personnel to computers and data tracking systems—on a contract basis. You'll receive high-quality service from real warehousing experts while saving money and resources that you can better devote to your core business.

Warehousing can be a significant drain on time, money and resources. Our experts can design a warehousing and distribution system that meets your requirements while saving you time and money. Our solutions are tailored yet flexible enough to accommodate changing space requirements. And with our nationwide warehousing presence, we can have your goods at precisely the best location for distribution.

Coast-to-coast transportation service
Use our private transportation assets or let us manage your freight with your carriers of choice, saving you time and costs. Our private fleet, which includes both standardized and specialized (reefer, air conditioned and heated) vehicles, can handle your regional transportation needs on a 24/7 basis. We also offer Beehive Xpress brokerage services so that you can contact one partner with one phone call and take care of all your transportation needs.

Advanced information/tracking technology
At Commodity Logistics, we provide information instantly and easily. Our CLI online tracking system lets you track shipments and view inventory online. Our warehouse management software can be easily integrated with your software via EDI, the Web, e-mail, or customized printing. The result is total control over inventory and distribution.

Excellent facilities, prime locations
We are national in scope with full service warehousing in Columbus, OH, Ontario, CA, and Atlanta, GA. Situated in Foreign Trade Zone #138, our Columbus, Ohio, headquarters can help you achieve substantial savings on storage, duty fees and inventory tax.

We invite you to join us for a winning partnership. Choose Commodity Logistics.

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